How Calling a Contractor Changed My LifeHow Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

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How Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

This might sound completely crazy, but the most important call I ever may was to a construction contractor. I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I had decided to rebuild parts of my home. This involved removing part of the roof, knocking down a brick wall and removing some electrical wires and water pipes. I started out just fine but then I started to have problems. I realised I was in out of my depth and decided to call an expert. The contractor who came around was great and he quickly fixed up the mess I had made. Since that day, I have had a keen interested in construction contractors. I hope you like this blog.

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Is there a problem with your property foundation?

Is the floor of your home no longer level? Maybe you have observed cracks starting to run across the walls of your home? A home is somewhere you expect to be solid and enduring, but that isn't always the case. If your property has begun to lean or if you think that there may be something wrong with the building foundation, it is always a good idea to arrange for a survey to see if underpinning is needed. You might be worrying unnecessarily, the fault may be only minor, but foundation problems don't go away. If you assume the issue is inconsequential and ignore it, you may be allowing a serious problem to develop. Arranging for a survey can identify the problem or put everyone's mind at rest.

What might the survey show?

A professional survey might indicate that underpinning is required to secure the future of your property, but other things could be interfering with the stability of the property foundation. There might be a problem with drainage on your site. If you fix the drainage and allow the water to flow away from the building, there may be nothing else required. Alternatively, if you live near trees, their roots may be impinging on your foundation and causing damage. Dealing with tree roots could be a vital part of restoring a stable foundation to your property. If underpinning is needed, there is a variety of options your local underpinning company will need to consider before they can suggest the best course of action.

Looking at the options

After carrying out the survey, the underpinning company will have a clear picture of the state of your property foundation and can determine the most suitable underpinning technique. They might identify mini piling as the best option if the piles don't need to be too deeply buried in the ground. Alternatively, it could be necessary to go right down to the underlying rock and rest the piles on them to provide a solid foundation for your home. Other factors which could influence the underpinning solution for your property include the level of the water table and the condition of the soil on your site.

Working with an experienced underpinning company is the only way you can be sure of protecting your home. If you ignore a foundation fault, it will only get worse, and if you attempt to repair a foundation fault without assistance, you could be endangering the lives of everyone in your home.

Contact a local underpinning service to learn more.