How Calling a Contractor Changed My LifeHow Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

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How Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

This might sound completely crazy, but the most important call I ever may was to a construction contractor. I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I had decided to rebuild parts of my home. This involved removing part of the roof, knocking down a brick wall and removing some electrical wires and water pipes. I started out just fine but then I started to have problems. I realised I was in out of my depth and decided to call an expert. The contractor who came around was great and he quickly fixed up the mess I had made. Since that day, I have had a keen interested in construction contractors. I hope you like this blog.

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Industrial Construction: Three Important Tips for Planning for Your New Structure

The construction of a new industrial structure requires extensive planning. Therefore, if you are interested in establishing a new building or improving your old one, consider all the factors that could affect your project. Keep in mind that poor preparation for the work will lead to issues like high construction costs, an unsuitable design, long-term inefficiencies and low productivity. Here are some crucial tips to consider for success during your industrial construction project. Read More 

How to Reduce Heat Transfer Through Steel Wall Frames

Steel wall frames are lightweight and economical, as well as recyclable, should the frame have to be replaced. However, they are also terrible for insulating homes against heat gain or loss. The R-value of the insulation in the home (basically, the score that tells you how well the insulation will work) drops dramatically in steel-framed walls, much more so than in timber-framed walls. This phenomenon, called thermal bridging, can lead to both annoyances like higher utility bills and destruction like mould and corrosion. Read More 

Are you in need of a boundary survey?

Have you become locked in a boundary dispute with your neighbour? Maybe someone new has moved into a neighbouring property, and they claim to have discovered that their boundary fence is in the wrong place, allowing them to make use of what rightfully belongs to you? Perhaps, someone you have lived near for many years has suddenly claimed what you have always considered your property? Whatever dispute may have arisen with your neighbours, the easiest way to settle the matter and allow things to return to normal is to call a land surveyor. Read More 

Facility Maintenance Tips

Facilities such as schools, hospitals, and business premises require maintenance to ensure their appeal and prevent expensive repairs. In the extract below, you will learn the considerations to make when conducting facility maintenance works. Hopefully, it will enable you to keep your facility in excellent condition.  Conduct Detailed Inspections Inspections are the heart of any successful maintenance program. They should examine the following:  The structural condition of the property. Over time, the foundation could develop cracks, sinking, and salt damping. Read More 

Mining Engineering Tips For Mining Companies

Do you intend to conduct mining works? It could be your plan to mine gold, bauxite or iron ore. Mining projects require meticulous planning since they could pose a threat to the environment, site personnel and neighbouring communities. Below are some mining engineering tips to help improve the success of your venture.  Always Consider A Preliminary Study The primary purpose of the preliminary study is to ensure that your project is viable. Read More