How Calling a Contractor Changed My LifeHow Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

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How Calling a Contractor Changed My Life

This might sound completely crazy, but the most important call I ever may was to a construction contractor. I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I had decided to rebuild parts of my home. This involved removing part of the roof, knocking down a brick wall and removing some electrical wires and water pipes. I started out just fine but then I started to have problems. I realised I was in out of my depth and decided to call an expert. The contractor who came around was great and he quickly fixed up the mess I had made. Since that day, I have had a keen interested in construction contractors. I hope you like this blog.

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Commercial Security: Crucial Considerations for Office Safe Selection

Commercial safes are essential for protecting critical business documents, cash and other valuable items. Typically, reliable access control and security elements such as door locks, alarms and cameras will prevent damage or loss of important company items. However, you cannot afford to overlook unforeseen emergencies such as fires, floods and in-house sabotage. If you are thinking about purchasing an office safe for the first time, here are the most important factors to consider during selection:

Safe Size

When shopping for a commercial safe, you should evaluate the different sizes available. This aspect will determine your placement options in your business space. Ideally, the safe should not be in a prominent place in the office, so the areas in which you can install it might be limited. It is advisable to choose your particular space for safe placement before selecting the security asset. This process will allow you to know the maximum safe size that you should purchase. 


The capacity of a commercial safe is not the same as the size. In simple terms, the dimensions of the storage asset which determine placement are not equal to the internal volume. Unlike a regular box, a safe has thick walls for the security and safety of the contents. Therefore, the box might appear large outwardly, but the internal space might be insufficient. You should check the interior measurements and compare with your requirements before purchase. 

Security Features

The primary purpose of a commercial safe is to protect valuable items from burglars and robbers. Therefore, you must evaluate the safety features installed to prevent unauthorised intrusion. The general structure of the safe and the doors should be reinforced and invulnerable to mechanical impact and stress. The frames and hinges should be immune to forced bending. Also, look for locking mechanisms which provide a high level of access control such as electronic digital or biometric locks. 

Fire and Water Protection

Business documents and other valuables are vulnerable to damage by fire and water. Therefore, you should choose a safe which can offer considerable protection against related incidents. Look for safes which are fireproof and check the heat test rating. Some safes can withstand higher temperatures for longer than others, depending on the construction. Also, your safe should be insusceptible to water seepage, especially if you are in an area vulnerable to floods.

If you are uncertain about the right business safe for your office or would like assistance handling a newly-purchased product, you should consult commercial locksmiths for professional guidance.